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Vehicle Insurance Document With Mini Cars On Top
Written by  admin, Mathew Smith
, Posted on Tuesday March 12, 2024

Insuring a Campervan Conversion: Our Guide to Insurance

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If your campervan is a conversion (whether you’ve done the conversion yourself or the vehicle has been converted by a company specialising in changing things up) then it’s crucial that you make the effort to navigate the intricacies of insurance. The main reason for this is that, like every other driver on UK roads, you must comply with your legal requirements – and it’s also a good idea to do what you can to protect your investment.

Insuring a campervan conversion does share similarities with insuring a car, but there are additional considerations to make due to the unique nature of these vehicles.

The Importance of Insuring a Campervan Conversion

Campervan conversions are cherished for their bespoke personalisation, but also unique is that carry risks necessitating comprehensive insurance. Converted campervans often include modifications and additional features, including things like built-in kitchens, sleeping areas and bespoke storage solutions which have been constructed to maximise space and functionality. Standard car insurance almost certainly will not cover these customisations, and therefore specialised campervan insurance is an essential.

Campervan owners are more than likely to use their vehicles for breaks and holidays – i.e. for travel and leisure in addition to any daily commute or running around. This will expose them to different levels of risk. Having adequate insurance ensures that a campervan owner is covered in the event of accidents, theft and damages which may occur during trips or when the campervan is parked at various locations.

Does Campervan Insurance Cost More?

Like any policy, numerous factors in campervan conversion insurance contribute to the overall cost. These include details such as the van’s age and model, storage location, the number of drivers, claims history and any accrued no claims bonus.

In summary, while campervan insurance may come with a higher price tag compared to standard car insurance, it’s always a price worth paying. It reflects the distinct nature of this type of vehicle and its usage. The key to understanding the cost is to understand the various factors which influence it. In broad terms, you shouldn’t expect exorbitant costs for campervan conversion insurance, but it is worth investing some time in finding ‘the right policy for you’, i.e. one that aligns with your vehicle itself and your specific requirements.