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Drop Down Bed In The Ventura Peugeot Vr200 Campervan
Written by  admin
, Posted on Wednesday March 13, 2024

Peugeot Boxer campervan layouts: A guide to hotel-style comfort

2 minutes well spent

The VR200 and VR400 are campervans from Ventura which stand out in the world of leisure vehicles due to their innovative design and thoughtfully crafted interiors. Each model is built by hand, with our team of dedicated craftsmen ensuring that every one is finished to very high standards. These are special Peugeot Boxer campervan layouts designed to provide a comfortable and convenient home on wheels, and so the sleeping arrangement – i.e. the number and configuration of berths – has been carefully thought through, designed and implemented.

Number of berths and configurations

·      Sleeping in the VR200

There are not many campervans, if any, that can boast a bed of the size available in the VR200 from Ventura. This award-winner certainly packs a punch when it comes to space and comfort, offering a lot more room than the traditional campervan. Model dependent, the VR200 has room to sleep up to four in a combination of a large double rock ‘n’ roll bed (measuring 6’ x 4’6” at the rear of the vehicle, and which folds completely flat from the social seating) plus an additional double bed, accessible by ladder, in the elevating roof space.

·      Sleeping in the VR400

The VR400’s three-seat bench in the rear social space folds completely flat into a comfortable 6’ x 4’3” double bed, offering a decent amount of space in which to sleep. In addition there is the optional pop-top roof which offers not just plenty of headroom but the space for two more people to sleep in a comfortable bed, accessible by ladder.

Other features of the VR200 and VR400

When it comes to convenience, both of these Ventura campervan models shine. The interiors are very thoughtfully designed and arranged for the most productive use of space, with integrated storage solutions helping to minimise any of the clutter taken on a road trip.

Triple seat bench

The generous social area in the VR200 and VR400 features an angled triple seat bench (as described above, convertible into a double bed) for enhanced comfort when you’re relaxing, plus a fold-away table for convenience. The kitchenettes are equipped with modern appliances, including a twin-hob gas ring and sink combo with glass top, plus a fridge, making it easy to prepare and cook meals on the go. The diesel-fired hob doubles as a heater, so travellers can keep the campervan warm on those colder winter evenings.

Control panel

On both models there is a touch screen control panel so that travellers can conveniently manage the campervan’s utilities (lights, battery monitoring and checks on water/waste levels). These models are designed to handle any adventurer’s travel demands all year round, as well as be used as a day-to-day domestic runner. The overall design allows functionality, with driver and passengers able to seamlessly make the transition from travel to relaxation.

Round up

In conclusion, the Ventura VR200 and Ventura VR400 campervans offer value for money and high quality experiences on the road. With their focus on comfortable and versatile berths, these campervans can readily meet the needs of travellers. They provide homely spaces that ensure a good night’s sleep during adventures, amidst thoughtful interiors packed with convenient features. Ventura campervans are an excellent choice for those seeking both comfort and mobility in their travels. Get in touch to enquire today.