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Written by  Tiffany Bale
, Posted on Wednesday March 6, 2024

Planning a Campervan Getaway in 2024?

3 minutes well spent

Explore These Breath-taking Destinations!

Embarking on a campervan adventure is a thrilling way to explore the world’s most picturesque destinations while enjoying the freedom and flexibility of life on the road. From the rugged landscapes of the Scottish Highlands to the sun-drenched beaches of the Amalfi Coast, there’s no shortage of incredible places to discover. In this guide, we’ll take you on a journey through nine breath-taking destinations across Europe, each perfect for your next camping adventure with your trusty campervan. So pack your bags, load up the camper, and get ready for an unforgettable journey filled with scenic beauty, outdoor exploration, and memorable experiences.

1. The Lake District, England

Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes of the Lake District National Park in Cumbria, England. From serene lakes to majestic mountains, this area offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and tranquillity for your next campervan adventure. Discover charming villages like Grasmere and Ambleside, and don’t miss the chance to hike Scafell Pike or enjoy a leisurely boat cruise on Lake Windermere. For comfortable camping, check out the National Trust Great Langdale Campsite or the picturesque Low Wray Campsite by Lake Windermere.

2. Route du Soleil, France

Experience the essence of summer along the iconic Route du Soleil in France, perfect for your next camping adventure. Marvel at endless sunflower fields and vineyards as you journey through picturesque landscapes. Explore historic Lyon, quaint villages in Provence, and the glamorous French Riviera. Rest and recharge at scenic campsites like Les Rives de Condrieu or Aloha Plage Campsite, offering top-notch facilities for campervan enthusiasts.

3. Aalborg, Denmark

Discover the charm of Aalborg, Denmark’s fourth-largest city, nestled along the Lim fjord. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning surroundings, Aalborg caters to all types of travellers seeking a unique camping adventure. Whether you’re intrigued by historical landmarks or simply want to soak in the scenic beauty, Aalborg promises a memorable experience.

4. The Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Venture into the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands, perfect for a camping adventure with your campervan. Explore the mystical Loch Ness, hike through Glen Coe’s breath-taking valleys, and marvel at the towering peaks of Ben Nevis. Experience true wilderness camping or opt for cosy campsites nestled amidst Scotland’s picturesque scenery.

5. The French Alps, France

Indulge in the majestic beauty of the French Alps, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers on a camping adventure. Ski down pristine slopes in winter, and hike or bike through alpine meadows in summer. Discover charming mountain villages, savour local delicacies, and enjoy stunning views of Mont Blanc. Camp beneath starlit skies at campsites nestled amidst the rugged peaks of the Alps.

6. Plage de Piemanson, Camargue, France

Experience the unspoiled beauty of Plage de Piemanson in the Camargue region of France, perfect for a camping adventure on the beach with your campervan. Known for its vast sandy beaches and wild landscapes, this hidden gem offers a serene escape. Explore the unique flora and fauna of the Camargue, go horseback riding along the shore, or simply relax and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Camp directly on the beach and fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves.

7. The Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Embark on a scenic camping adventure along the Ring of Kerry, one of Ireland’s most iconic driving routes. Encounter rugged coastlines, verdant hillsides, and charming villages as you circle the Iveragh Peninsula. Admire historic landmarks like Ross Castle and Staigue Fort, and take in breath-taking views of the Atlantic Ocean. Camp at designated sites along the route or opt for cosy campsites with easy access to the Ring of Kerry’s attractions.

8. The Black Forest, Germany

Delve into the enchanting landscapes of the Black Forest, a fairy-tale region in southwestern Germany, ideal for a camping adventure with your campervan. Hike through dense forests, discover hidden waterfalls, and visit picturesque towns like Triberg and Freiburg. Explore the region’s rich folklore and enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling, horseback riding, and canoeing. Stay at scenic campsites nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of the Black Forest.

9. The Amalfi Coast, Italy

Discover the breath-taking beauty of the Amalfi Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its stunning scenery and picturesque villages, perfect for a camping adventure. Drive along winding coastal roads overlooking the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea, and explore charming towns like Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Indulge in delicious Mediterranean cuisine, soak up the sun on scenic beaches, and marvel at the cliffside views. Camp at designated sites along the coast or choose from a variety of campsites with stunning views of the Amalfi Coast.

Get ready to pack your bags, load up the campervan, and set forth on an extraordinary adventure! 🚐✨