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Custom Peugeot Campervans

Build your own bespoke campervan on the Peugeot chassis with Ventura professional convertors

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Customisation options

Our bespoke VR200 and VR400 Peugeot campervan conversions offer a wide selection of customisations to make your new campervan tailor-made to your requirements. Our customisations include:

  • 127 upholstery options
  • 25 furniture finishes
  • 17 curtain colours
  • 5 different vinyl floor finishes
  • 4 carpet colours

A custom conversion can increase the resale value of your vehicle, as well-crafted, XL designs like our VR400 are highly sought after by adventure enthusiasts. Embrace the freedom of the open road with a campervan that truly feels like home.

Peugoet Boxer Camper Conversion
The VR400 XL custom campervan

The Ventura VR400 redefines campervan travel with its impressive space, surpassing traditional models while keeping the popular side-kitchen layout.

  • It offers a roomier living area, seating for up to six, and adjustable boot space
  • Boasts over 6 feet of headroom and a spacious interior
  • 150W Solar panels & Victron off-grid system on some models
  • Available in manual and automatic transmissions
  • 3 different models to choose from, some including elevating roof and underslung water tanks
  • Prices starting from £59,995 on the road
  • Comprehensive financing and part exchange options
  • 3 year warranty
Converted Bed Vr200
Our VR200 custom camper conversion

The award-winning VR200 campervan is a spacious marvel, offering significantly more room than traditional models.

  • Comfortably seats five and sleeps four
  • Featuring a generous 6′ x 4’6″ double bed
  • Equipped with extensive amenities, including a portable toilet and a kitchen with a hob ring/sink combo
  • Choice of 9 exterior body colours
  • Available in manual and automatic transmissions
  • 3 different model options, some featuring elevating roof with bed
  • Prices starting from £48,495
  • Includes a 3-year warranty, ensuring ultimate peace of mind.
Youre Covered
Build your bespoke XL campervan

Investing in a custom campervan conversion offers numerous benefits, transforming your travel experience into a blend of comfort, flexibility, and personalisation. Custom conversions from Ventura allow you to design a living space tailored to your specific needs, incorporating features like a bespoke kitchen, comfortable sleeping quarters, and smart storage solutions. This personalisation ensures that every inch of your campervan is optimised for functionality and convenience.

Using a Peugeot base for a campervan conversion offers a blend of reliability, efficiency, and versatility, making it an excellent choice for van life enthusiasts. Peugeot vans, known for their robust build and fuel efficiency, provide a strong foundation for a custom camper conversion, without compromising on space or reliability.